Unresponsive buttons on LCD panel

If you experience unresponsive buttons on your Robomow mower’s LCD panel, please follow the steps as outlined below:

  • Test the buttons operation through Mower’s Service Menu ⇢ 897 ⇢ Tests ⇢ Buttons.
    Buttons Test Menu - RS Models
  • Enter the buttons menu item. You should see the following display. (Note that each letter represents a button on the LCD).
    Buttons Test Menu - RS Models
  • Press any button and an asterisk symbol will show below it. For instance, pressing the Scroll Down Arrow should place an asterisk symbol under the D, which represents this button.
    Buttons Test Menu - RS Models
  • Any button that doesn’t show an asterisk when pressed is faulty. To resolve this issue, you should Replace the LCD Panel corresponding to your mower’s model year.
  • If any buttons are still unresponsive, you should Replace the Main Board.