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Robomow RK Series

The RK is here to create a lawn to match any occasion. Its ability to cut right to the edge as well as a patented cutting system ensures your lawn will be the center of attention.

Robomow Mower: Model RK1000 angled right


Suitable for lawns of up to 0.25 acre
Cutting Width: 8.2 inches
Mowing Time: 50-60 minutes
Power Consumption: 4.2 kWh/month
Robomow Mower: Model RK2000 left side view


Suitable for lawns of up to 0.5 acre
Cutting Width: 8.2 inches
Mowing Time: 100-120 minutes
Power Consumption: 7.4 kWh/month
Robomow Mower: Model RK4000 angled to the right


Suitable for lawns of up to 1 acre
Cutting Width: 16.5 inches
Mowing Time: 110-130 minutes
Power Consumption: 8.9 kWh/month

Key Features

The RK Series is built to make your life easier. A variety of advanced features make it the perfect option for anyone looking to relax and check the lawn off the list.

Key Feature: All-Terrain Handling

Handles Uneven Terrain
No more rescuing your stuck mower

Key Feature: Simple to Use

Simple to Use
Easy to set up, maintain and clean

Key Feature: Precise Edging

Precise Edging
Trims edges around your garden with great precision

Spare Parts & Accessories

We’ve got it all in one place: everything you need to keep your mower safe, clean, and happy. Robomow parts and accessories make setup and maintenance simple.

Short Pegs

Short Pegs

Pack of 50

When laying perimeter wire above ground, it is important that the cable is pulled tight so that the robot does not accidentally cut it. Lawn nails are required at regular intervals for fixing the perimeter wire.
Perimeter Wire - 100m

Perimeter Wire

200 Meters

If the boundary wire is not sufficient to define the zone for the mowing robot, this extension offers a solution. When assembled with a wire connector, the original distance is extended by 200 meters.
Perimeter Wire - 650m

Perimeter Wire

650 Meters

Bigger areas require longer perimeter wires. This wire extends the actual wire by another 650 meters. The individual wires then only need to be plugged together with a wire connector.

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