Robomow App 2.0 Tutorial

Background: Bluetooth communication with the mower through your mobile device requires time to set up properly. However, it’s extremely useful, easy, and convenient to use once installed and registered properly. Here is a simple tutorial on the set-up steps:

After downloading and installing the app from the Play Store or the App Store, be sure to allow Robomow to send you notifications (see Figure 1). Then follow these steps to register your mower.

  • If you have an existing account, sign in. If you do not have an account, tap the “Sign up” link and create a new account.
  • You must accept the GDPR privacy notice in order to continue.
  • Grant access to your device’s camera in order to scan the mower’s serial number. Optionally, you can disallow access to your device’s camera and just enter the mower’s serial number manually.
  • Once registered, you should arrive at the mower’s main screen (see Figure 2).
Allow Notifications Screen for Robomow App 2.0
Figure 1
Allow Notifications Screen
Mower's Main Screen for Robomow App 2.0
Figure 2
Mower’s Main Screen