Is Robomow easy to install and use?

Yes. Robomow is easy to install and use. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before using Robomow.

In order for Robomow to operate in your lawn, a perimeter wire must be installed around the entire lawn, and around protected areas within the lawn area. Proper installation of the perimeter wire is critical for the quality and reliability of Robomow’s operation. You can either do the installation yourself or hire a professional installation service (recommended).

For more information about professional installation services, please refer to the Robomow website.

The Base Station is placed along the Perimeter Wire, and performs two basic functions:

  • Generates a signal along the Perimeter Wire.
  • Charges Robomow’s batteries.

The Power Box is connected between the Base Station and a 230V / 120V wall socket, using a 10m – RX models / 15m – RC/MC models / 20m – RS/MS models (23ft – RX models / 50ft – RC/MC models / 65ft – RS/MS models) long low voltage cable.

After having completed the installation of the Perimeter Wire, Base Station, and the Power Box/Power Supply, and performing the One-Time Setup (RS/MS/RC/MC models only), Robomow will do all the mowing for you for during the entire season!